Frequently asked questions

           How do we order on line?
            With your initial order we will
             take all your information then
             issue you a open account that
            you can attach P.O. # s on your
           future orders.
          How much will freight be?
        We will have the equipment shipped
     to you from the closest
   manufacturer to keep the costs
   as low as possible.
     What if I need technical support?
      You can contact us or utilize one of
       the many The Dowser Man installers
        across the nation, see the
         The Dowser Man for more
           How long does it take to get
             our orders?
          Over 70% of the items are readily
         available in stock and you should
        receive within one week. You will
       have to specify if you need a rush
      order. All other orders will be
     e-mailed with expected delivery dates.
 What if we are unable to do the
 installation work?
  You can see if there is a Dowser
   Man within your vicinity. Many times
    you can call your local plumber
     or Handy man to install your

         We can also be contracted to
          install your equipment regardless
          of where you are.
         When we buy something can
          you supply us with an
         installation kit?
      Yes, we can and in fact we
     recommend it so that you will have
    everything you need when you receive
   your order.

  Methods of Treatment
 For more information about
treating your water purification
 needs visit Methods of Treatment

  Contact us if you need water
   solutions: 877.NEED.WATER