About Aqua Pure
        Aqua Pure Water Conditioning was
         formed in the Spring of 1998 by
          John McNulty after more than 23
          years in Water Purification
          business.  The focus of the
           company is to provide the
          end-user with those expendable
         products and items that most
        other companies do not carry or
       offer at discount price.

   John McNulty said "When I opened
  Aqua Pure Water Conditioning the market
  was crying out for a dependable
    supplier of replacement filters and
     water purification equipment". "After
       spending more than two decades in
        this industry, and spending much of
         that time trying to find replacement
          parts and filters, I decided to
           become that supplier myself."

          With the advent of the Internet,
          I saw a way to supply not only
         the Greater Detroit market, but
        the entire North American market.

      "We stock every item listed on site,
    and we have over night delivery to
   most areas, and that's what consumers
  want; prompt service and dependable
  products.  That's what we're all about."

 John , who is Certified CWS-5 (highest
 level) with the Water Quality Association,
  is also the author of several technical
   articles in the Water Purification Field.

John McNulty and family in front
of a mural painted by Wyland.
      He has also been the Speaker and
       Emcee of more than a dozen Water
        Purification Products at Kidney
         Dialysis lectures for hospitals,
          medical labs and schools in the
           Midwest.  He is often consulted
           by the medical trade for
           equipment needs and
          maintenance. In addition to his
         CWS-5 Certification, John has also
       successfully completed training
      courses on specific brands, including,
     Osmosis, Autotrol, Flech, Eco-Water,
    Activated Carbon and Resin Media and
   Resin in addition to the full household
  and commercial line of Aqua Pure
 products. Aqua Pure Water Conditioning
 is John's second such business. Prior to
 1998, he was Vice President and Founder
  of Aquapure Technologies, Inc., a
   commercial-based business that he
    operated for 16 years and grew to
     a staff of 25 before it was dissolved
      and Aqua Pure Water Conditioning